The academia signifies the convergence of manifold creative and critical minds. But, sometimes, because disciplines naturally demand diversity of works and schedules, scholars have to be segmented in different academic corners. At the same time, in absence of a plea to come together for common discourses and expansion of knowledge, and because our disciplinary priorities (and sometimes biases) and personal inclinations are so intense, we let our collective potentials atrophy in divergence. Such can be the case in our own place.

With physical expansion and inflow of a larger number of academics, Kathmandu University (KU) has evolved from the family-like structure of the initial days into a larger community where regular personal contacts and collective works are becoming literally difficult. Hence the significance of an interdisciplinary online platform like Forum for Interdisciplinary Discourse (FID).

FID promises to remain a community of academic enthusiasts who promise to represent a motivation for growth by unifying our rational efforts. We will try, and invite everyone, to think more like scholars and intellectuals than experts of particular disciplines. We will try to educate one another by writing our perceptions of perspectives on the world through simple essays and stories so that more people will join us in healthy discourses in the future. We invite our colleagues to send us thought-provoking contributions for this monthly online publication and to initiate and augment scholarly discussions through healthy comments.

FID signifies intellectual unity among KU academics. We wish to work to envision fresh zeal for collective growth, and to sustain our old values for quality pursuits and services. May our efforts lead us toward a successful and enriching academic future.

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