April 10, 2021

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To All Teachers

To many, teaching appears a complacent job – complacent because a teacher does not necessarily seem to fall headlong into destructive vicissitudes. This may be because a teacher, working with his mind and heart, skips being visible like our society’s militant muscle users. Positively, this may still be because teaching is accepted as fundamental to social progress and the teacher one of the principal agents for augmenting and sustaining such progress.  And, in reality, teachers can manage to live a leisurely and contented life despite hours/years of hard work  while the world around them falls into upheavals. But, are their lives without challenges behind this veil of complacence? 
Teaching involves the need to sustain a productive challenge, the challenge to constantly update and be updated. It is the challenge to exist as long as the urge for learning exists. It is equally to supply the society with progressive, inquisitive work force, who would work towards a brighter future from among the present’s pessimistic crowd.  We in KU feel this urge even more; we feel that our responsibilities are pressing though, as usual, the achievements relatively more distant. But we closely watch our hard work being rewarded with the successes of our students. We believe that our persistence proves the main motivation for our students. We work to keep our values intact while upgrading ourselves and consolidating our goals at a time many things are falling out of place in the country. 
We would like to dedicate KUFIT to all the teachers who share the motivation to sustain the challenges for building a better tomorrow. This issue contains reflections on pertinent social topics, teachers’ intimate narratives, and  cases from Nepali history. Finally, as we arrive the second issue of KUFIT, we feel a strong urge to ask our colleagues and readers to visit the site, read the articles, initiate discussions and plan for contributions in the months to come.
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