Being Locally Useful


KUFIT reaches readers through emails as the only means of reaching out, where we sometimes audaciously nag our colleagues to contribute with articles. And we are equally aware of possible unwelcome responses for tampering in specialized coteries in the name of sharing broader worldviews and scholarships. We will nevertheless continue to pardon ourselves for our once-a-month audacity, confident that our purposes are not unwarranted.  If the world around us still suspects what KUFIT stands for, let voices be heard. On our part, we have kept it as a platform for the thinkers of KU, who love to think in the benefit of others. 

We want to disseminate thoughts “made in KU.” This might sound outlandish, but is not impractical. Have we, as academics, begun to experience different thought patterns for which people outside KU consider us different? Have we not struggled enough in the field of scholarship to be able to claim certain potentials, which are originally ours? What has transcended our institutional and personal fixities in addition to the sagas of individual and (rarely) collective achievements? We might choose to reflect these questions in the days ahead. KUFIT aims to tickle all of us into reliving our shared contributions in the field of critical thinking, which the society we believe to have served will own now or years ahead.   

Our institutional location validates our efforts. Faculty blogs like KUFIT are not uncommon. We may one day like to work close to the standards of professors from Princeton, Cornell, Harvard, and MIT among others.  We only need the desire to represent and transmit the vision of excellence. If excellence is a point of convergence, we will be able to establish commonness while allowing healthy differences to grow. Discourses stem from differences, especially when people who love one another but respect grounds of dissent allow their alternative explanations to clash. KUFIT invites discourses based on healthy disagreements. Please disagree with your writers. If you agree, tell us what best contributes to the growth of knowledge and scholarship. Your involvement is crucial.
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