June 28, 2022

Interdisciplinary Discourse

Forum for KU Academics


Continuing beyond the Ritual

This site has evolved from a blog named Forum for Interdisciplinary Thoughts (KUFIT) initiated in April 2011. Updating the blog was halted for some time for certain technical reasons. But now we have revived it into a more formal Forum for Interdisciplinary Discourse (FID) with an intention to accommodate ideas/scholarship across different domains. We keep intact the initial objective “to envision fresh zeal for collective growth, and to sustain our old values for quality pursuits and services.”

From the inception we have underlined working beyond the ritual, with emphasis on thinking “more like scholars and intellectuals than experts of particular disciplines”  intending to “educate one another by writing our perceptions of and perspectives on the world through simple essays and stories.” Too big the aim might sound, but that’s what the academia should qualify for, being focused to wisdom, transcending knowledge and scholarship in various domains.

We reiterate our belief here: Academics should aim to think beyond rigid jargonistic scholarships and be able to communicate knowledge and wisdom to benefit a wider public. Let us work towards this, with simple expectations — contribution with writings and comments from those who have some urge for communicating knowledge and wisdom.

This issue of FID features:

May our efforts lead us toward a successful and enriching academic future.
Thank you


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