Nepalis are experiencing one of the most volatile times in history waiting for stability and sustainability of commonsense.  Common citizens see the present in view of the gradual dilapidation of the age-old structure of unity and shared identities. For some, the moment is not for indifference because indifference would cost little or more, now or later.  For others this is not the time to act an ostrich as if nothing is happening around.

And, in the chaotic time like today people would expect some healing ideas from one of the supposedly anxious groups of people — the intellectuals.  But, do we have intellectuals to devise ways to rescue the nation out of the mire of uncertainties? Does their anxiety involve the fate of the majority who are caught in the dilemma between optimism and pessimism?

Time entrusts intellectuals with the responsibility to generate hope and optimism. Let us reflect on these questions:  What will we do if the society and institutions we lead fail to attract and satisfy the aspirations of young people? How many aspiring youths are prepared to take us as role models for tomorrow? Let us start to think if we can help, at least in part, ensure that the country will still build up to accommodate our good expectations.
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